Himaraya Tsushin Ltd.

Our Vision

We provide more technology as a communication constructing company

Yu Tawada

Himaraya Tsushin was founded in 1976 and has been engaged in communication infrastructure construction as contribute to the development of communication network.
At the time of establishment, it was said that the world was busy enough to build a new communication building for NTT in the midst of the telecommunications facilities construction.
Then fixed phones were changed to car phones, and to mobile phones. Now they are replaced by smartphones.
From that time on, we have been working to connect our customers through communication.
While taking care of lifelines, we have been constructing the communication network based on what matters the most for customers.
From now on, the speed of change in the information society will be much faster, and we must respond to it. Nevertheless, in order to build a communication infrastructure that can not be interrupted even for a moment, it is necessary to develop “human resources” to be “professional”.
We will enter into a new world that no one has ever experienced  5 G, “5th generation mobile communication system”.
We are proud to be able to help making people’s lives more convenient and comfortable.



We always provide the highest technique.


We work to make people’s lives more convenient and comfortable in communication society.


We have an honorary role to contribute to local society.